Get ready for the most amazing boudoir experience there is! I make it my mission to make sure you have the most amazing day ever with the most amazing photos you have ever seen of yourself.

From the best hair and makeup artist, full style closet to choose outfits from, to expertly guided posing I guarantee you will experience the best boudoir photography in minneapolis! Probably in Minnesota, too haha.

You are going to look back on these images and know how beautiful you are and how amazing it felt to be yourself and know you're amazing. You album will be awesome for your partner but I truly believe this is for you! 

So come on over and celebrate you! Let me show you how beautiful you are I promise it will be the best day ever.


Shooting with me means falling in love with yourself.

You will receive the Senior Preparation Guide. The types of images you might want at your session, tips for wardrobe to flatter every figure, about the studio, things you should do before your shoot and things you should definitely not do! Info that will ease your mind and calm your nerves, where to go to prep, what to expect and your homework! It's all in there to help you have the most amazing session ever.

You will be able to see all of my favorite locations I have shot at in the past 6 years, get a feel for your favorite locations and how you want your images to look. Or we can go somewhere totally new and unique.

The Locations Guide!​

Client Questionnaire & Pinterest boards

You will receive our Pinterest boards with ideas and inspiration. Make your own board and go wild. This is all about you and how you would like to be photographed. A style you are drawn to. We are going to go deep and pull out so much emotion at your shoot.  Get ready to have the time of your life!

Let's Prep!



Send me a message when you know that I'm your girl and you would like to work together. I'm email you within 24-48 hours asking a few questions so we can see if we are a good fit. I can't wait to hear more about you and make you look amazing!

Let's chat about how you would like to be photographed!

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Once your session date is officially booked, I'll send over lots of helpful information - like session tips, prep magazine, locations magazine, questionnaire,  prepaid bonuses info, session reminders and more! I believe in being over prepared and I love lots of info so I over deliver on everything! 

Cheers to working together!

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You might be pretty nervous arriving but that will quickly fade once we get you in the hair and makeup chair. Amy is going to treat you like a celebrity and make you look like one too. We will be chatting and laughing like old friends the entire time! This is the time we get to decompress and just relax.

I only work with the absolute best artists for  my clients!

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Some of my seniors bring 4-5 outfits that they know they love and want to shoot in! Most bring their entire closet in tons of bags and thats cool too! I'll sort through clothes while you get hair and makeup done and help piece together the perfect outfits for you. Sometimes stuff you would never think to put together but looks amazing!

We get to go through all your clothes!

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No senior of mine is ever left wondering what do I do? I give constant guidance on where to put your hand, chin, knee every detail so you look flawless and like it's effortless. I do the pose first to show you how it should look then we do it together and then i fine tune, and only then do I take the photo. Then I'm showing you cause OMG LOOK AT YOU GIRL!

Time for me to make you look like a celebrity!

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06: Picking favorites!

You get to have an hour break to go get some lunch. Come back and I have narrowed down to the best of the best and done a light edit. We narrow down further and you pick a package, products and fall so in love with all of your images it's not even funny!

Same day image reveal, coolest thing ever!

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Having been through this process with my older daughter with another photographer, I know this is a special experience for them. Olivia has made this happen! She is amazing! She has made the process less stressful and she is so welcoming, patient and creative! She is the real deal! She will see an opportunity for a great shot and take it! Thank you Olivia!

I am so excited to see my daughters senior pictures!

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Studio pictures were next and then we were off to two locations - the first along a walking trail and the second in the city. Olivia had it all planned, knew what to do, where to go, how to capture the light, and most importantly there was a lot of smiling and laughing all day. Olivia knows what she is doing and was upfront and professional about how to capture my daughter's wonderful personality. The entire session went perfectly. My daughter looked stunning and I can't wait for the showing.

From the moment we arrived, there wasn't a misstep. Hair and makeup happening while we chatted about outfits and jewelry.

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Olivia communicated ahead of time to help with outfit and location choices. She asked many questions to get to know our daughter and it felt like we were friends the day of the shoot despite being our first meeting. Our daughter is somewhat shy and Olivia really connected with her. She brought out her true smile and brought this mama to tears. Highly recommended!!!

Leighton is our oldest so this is our first experience with senior photos! It was a wonderful experience!!

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She took the time to learn more about me So my session was more personalized. My favorite part of my session was how comfortable Olivia makes you feel while taking photos. She definitely knows how to hype you up and make you feel amazing even if it’s your first time taking photos. The most surprising think about this experience was how fun and easy going it was.

Taking my pictures with Olivia was the absolute best!

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We relatively knew what to expect, as this was the 2nd! The hair and makeup was new for us, but amazing! Exactly what I was envisioning! I loved the variety in locations, best of all worlds! I think Maddy is beautiful no matter what, but seeing her in some awkward spots made it even more fun

Olivia really brought out Maddy's Beautiful smile and confidence!! What a great night! Thank you so much!!!

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Olivia is so easy to work with and really made my daughter feel comfortable so she could shine in her photos. Olivia has a great eye for backgrounds and many of the photos looked like they came straight from a magazine. I would highly recommend using her services!

We are exceptionally pleased with the images from my daughter’s senior portrait session! 

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She brought my usually shy daughter out of her shell and help create locations, poses and props that brought out her unique personality. She is very kind, funny and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her for senior pictures, the whole experience was so fun and enjoyable. From what we have seen so far, the pictures have far exceeded our expectations!

Olivia was a wonderful photographer for my daughter’s senior photos!

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for the lovers of edgy, bright and bold
This package includes:
  • 2 Hour Fully Guided Photoshoot
  • Professional Hair + Make-up
  • Exclusive Prep + Wardrobe Guides
  • 90+ images to choose from
  • 4 - 5 outfits
  • Private same day image reveal & Ordering Session after your shoot

All images + artwork are purchased separately

collections starting at $1990

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